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Aspacia is a professional services firm providing business solutions for the mixed-mode, made-to-order and process manufacturing industry. Through our unique integration of strategy, business process, technology and creative implementation, we are called upon to solve an increasingly complex set of business challenges while delivering significant value for our customers.

Founded in 1996, Aspacia has a history as an innovator in the manufacturing professional services industry, having developed a number of manufacturing products and services that were the first in the industry.  Building from the merger of Barry Consulting Group and Software Revolution, Aspacia has extended their industry experience and commitment to quality solutions. 

Early on, Aspacia recognized the value of forming alliances with leading companies to extend our strategic, creative and technological capabilities, to provide best of breed solutions and value to our clients.

Aspacia provides clients with business process management, software engineering and technical program management, systems integration, data analysis and reporting, inventory and supply chain management, accounting and customer relationship management.

We have gained significant experience by working with the automotive, aerospace, entertainment, semiconductor, and telecommunications industries, and have grown our business, expanding throughout North America and Canada.




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