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Aspacia offers a catalog of shareware to enhance the functionality of your Vista by Epicor implementation.  Version 1.0 of the Vista Shareware includes:

Program Description
A/P Invoice Register Lists A/P Invoices for a user defined date range.
Mass Close Jobs Closes completed jobs for a user defined date range.
Payroll by Department Reports payroll by department.
Ranked Customer Sales Report This report shows a summary of customer sales ranked for a user defined range of product groups by current year sales, prior year sales and current period sales with group and report totals for current year, prior year and current period.
Reopen Closed Jobs This routine will allow jobs that have been completed or closed to be reopened.
Reopen Closed Orders This routine will allow sales orders that have been completed or closed to be reopened.  This is useful for handling customer returns against the original sales order.
Reopen Closed PO's This routine will allow purchase orders that have been closed to be reopened.
Replace Routines This program allows you to modify the existing Vista Customer, Vendor, Part, Work Center, Operation and Employee ID's and replaces all transactions with the new ID.  You may also select individual fields for replacement.  This is ideal for replacing method part ID's.
Revision Change Alert This alert will notify you when changing a revision level for a part when entered in an Order Detail Line.  
Scheduled Shipments Report This report shows all scheduled shipments by customer or ship date for a user defined date range with subtotals and grand totals.
Vista Basic Programs Over 20 lists and browses containing a variety of useful information.
Vista Labels Barcode Labels conforming to common vendor specifications.

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