Aspacia's business seminars are designed to maximize your organizations operational performance and focus on deriving improved profitability.   Our seminars can help you accelerate your company's financial performance.

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Aspacia's Business Training Seminars include the following:

Managing Cost for Growth and Survival

Learn concepts for creating a model that your entire organization can follow. Delve into the cost/revenue relationship that will help you make more effective decisions. Learn about the organizational concepts, process controls, and information systems that will allow you to analyze and respond quickly to changes in the course of your business.

Defining Sales and Marketing

Find the customers and orders that will get you on your way. Learn to provide a “bulls eye” for your organization to aim for. Gain insight into the sales and marketing function and the role it plays in business performance improvement.

Essentials of Leadership

Join us in a forum to discuss what it means for you to lead your company effectively in order to achieve the growth potential of your business.

Preparing Your Business Plan

This seminar will teach what you need to know to develop an effective business plan to guide you to achieving your business goals.  You will learn the steps to creating a roadmap for your company and measurements to help you stay on course.

Getting Your Company Ready to Sell

The best time to plan for selling your company is long before you make the decision. If you’re thinking of selling or just want to be prepared this seminar will instruct you on the steps you must take to get the best price when the time comes.

Activity Based Costing

Financial accounting systems focus on the past; traditional costing systems may lead you to the wrong decision because they don’t show the total impact of your decisions. In today’s company, accounting is not so much about ‘counting’ as it is about ‘measurement’. Join us for a discussion of how your cost system can help you make better decisions and provide you with a more useful tool for measuring your company’s performance.

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